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Maximized Material Utilization

Increased Productivity

Decreased Turn-Around Time

034 Detail_00019_reduced_gray_border.jpgPhoto shows:
  96 pieces nested onto 48” X 96” sheet
  5 extra parts in center of each main part
  Use of SMP NestMaster software
  Reduced material waste
  Increased productivity

- Amada Dr. Abe Blank
- Amada Dr. Abe Bend
- Amada MX WIN BendCam Software
- Nestmaster Nesting Software
- Pro-E CAD
- SMP Merry Mechanization
- Solidworks CAD

We can:
  • DRAW an original part in SMP/IS
  • IMPORT part data with CAD interface utility and SolidWorks CAD software
  • MAXIMIZE material utilization through NestMaster true-shape nesting software

Accurate flat patterns are developed quickly and can be checked for manufacturability, without physically producing a part.

Corrections can be made before the manufacturing process begins, producing a correct prototype the first time and saving valuable machine time and material.